More Federal Farming Regulations

Here is one you may not have heard about…most people haven’t heard about it yet.  The Veterinary Feed Directive goes into effect Jan1, 2017.  What is the Veterinary Feed Directive?  You will wish you hadn’t asked…

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration implemented the Veterinary Feed Directive, or VFD, which will require farmers to get prescriptions on most antibiotics they would normally get over the counter for their livestock feed.  The regulation covers antimicrobial drugs administered via feed or water, but not via injection. It also will hit every retailer that sells these products and every veterinarian.

Here is the problem.  Filling a prescription is not a same-day process.  Farmers and ranchers won’t be able to call distributors with last-minute requests under the new regulation.  Also Veterinarians will be held liable for abuses of directive prescriptions.

Here are all the details available via the FDA.

Last year feed manufacturers, regardless of size or capacity had to meet human food standards for production.  That was a huge expense for all of them.  Now this, Farming has always been difficult, seems they want to make it more difficult.

Here is a SlideShare that covers it:
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