Hard Boiled Bantam Eggs and others

We added Bantam Chickens to our farm this year.  They are much easier (lighter) for the kids to work with in Showmanship.  Bantams produce small eggs, about half the size of a large egg.  They are proving to be a nice supplement to our regular eggs, two bantam eggs equals on regular egg.

With Easter coming we will be using some of the Bantam eggs to decorate.  Bantam eggs don’t take as long to hard boil as regular eggs.  We like to bring our water to a rolling boil before gently lower the eggs in with a slotted spoon or shallow ladle.  We start the timer as soon as they are all in regardless of whether the water is still boiling.  For large/extra large eggs, set the timer for 14 minutes.  For Bantam eggs set the timer for 11 minutes.  For Jumbo eggs set the timer for 16 minutes.  Not sure how long Goose eggs will take…tell you when we know.

When the time is up, I quickly drain the water and run the coldest tap water over them.  I continue to cool them by changing the water or adding ice.  I found that it doesn’t matter if you cool them completely, they will peel well this way, anyway.

Hope that helps!