The Chicken Spotlight: Lizzy

Meet our chicken Lizzy, a sweet, loving chicken.  This special chicken was lame when she was younger, but she seemed to out-grow it until she got her toe stuck in a pitch-fork when she was still younger (I know, once-in-a lifetime chance, but it happened).  This seemed to re-awaken the problem, to a higher pain, as she wouldn’t even come out into the run, she would just lay in the doorway.  However, it seemed to heal up, since she has been normal ever since.  She still is cautious and stays around the coop when we let them out in the yard, and lays down periodically, but she is starting to get around more.  She still has a limp, and her run is basically a very fast hop (which is funny to see), but her lameness has made a very nice chicken.

Lizzy in her favorite position, laying down

Lizzy in her favorite position, laying down

I'm still tired

I’m tired

I'm tired

I’m still tired