No Joking Matter…

When it comes to protecting your brain matter, it is no joking matter!  I know it is April 1st and tricks and jokes rule the Internet, this is not one of them.  Think of this as more of a public service announcement from a concerned Dad, Farmer Dad to be exact.

My daughter loves horses, she gets that from me.  But like any Dad I worry.  When my kids started ice skating they had helmets on.  I was amazed that few if any of the other children wore helmets.  That was almost 10 years ago, now almost all the kids wear helmets, I like to think we set the trend.  Here we are again hopefully setting the trend, this time horseback riding safety!

Today everyone is required to wear a helmet if you want to go horseback riding, very different from when I learned, no one wore helmets!  Interestingly most people that fall off of a horse don’t hurt their heads, so while helmets are a good precaution for your noggin, they don’t prevent most injuries.  Enter the Air-Vest or what we call a Hit-Vest here in the USA.  The Hit-Vest offers true protection against the most common injuries due to falling from a horse.  It protects your neck, spin, ribs and hips using airbag technology.  See the video for yourself, it is pretty amazing.

Of course for my daughter I am thinking I might want a little more protection than the hit-vest has to offer… She seems to think I am going to far, what do you think? What do you think??

body-protectionDo you want one for your horse enthusiast?  You can get it here