Eating Healthy Saves

Last Sunday the Priest invited the Parish for Donuts and “healthy snacks” in the Church hall.  We didn’t plan on going but ended up chatting with a friend we had not seen in a while.  We chuckled as mentioned the “healthy snacks” comment, our friend corrected us and went on to explain a new ministry which he was helping get started called “Mediterranean Harvest for Life“.  He went on to explain that improving the diet of the poor (and everyone) reduces illness and health care costs.  Even more significant was the fact that this diet actually reduces the cost of feeding the poor by up to 15%!  Meaning we can feed more with the same amount of funds.  The diet seems mostly common sense to us but to many it is foreign and needs to be explained.   I could go on but there is no reason to repeat the wealthy of information on their web site.